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Friday, December 14 2007

Blognation is shutting down - Not a surprise

Second news of the day, Blognation is shutting down. What is interesting is the different point of view of this story...

Here is Mike Arrington one. Some other versions around this story.

From what I know about Sam Sethi by meeting him few times, I think the truth is more on Mike Arrington side than Sethi's side.

I'm really sad to see so much work from Blognation's bloggers going down, but I hope that Sam Sethi will learn the lessons of it.

Jobster CEO Jason Goldberg replaced by Jeff Seely

Interesting day today, first of all Jobster CEO is leaving Jobster to go on another venture in New-York, not disclosed at the moment.

Jeff Seely is the new CEO, starting in January, good luck to him and Jobster.

We will miss Jason Goldberg famous talks around Monster for example.

Wednesday, October 10 2007

The end of an Icon?

According to John Cook's Venture Blog, Jobster may have a new CEO soon. Jason Goldberg may move on soon on new ventures, as Phil Bogle did this year.

Wednesday, May 23 2007

Great news from TrustedPlaces, BRAVO!

Sokratis from Trustedplaces had posted a great post on their blog about the raise of money they did earlier.

Thanks for the story, it is really interesting.

Sunday, December 10 2006

BBC Backstage London Christmas Bash & Trustedplaces

I was yesterday at the BBC Backstage London Christmas Bash. Luckily, for me, I was one of the 400 people who registered in time (around 100 people were still on the waiting list...).

Ian Forrester did make a very good job, thanks for all the great organization.

I took advantage of the event to interview one of the sponsors: Walid from, and he gave me 2 scoops that you can discover here:

Walid, I wish you all the best with these projects: lots of users, lots of brand new places to discover and a great success outside the UK!

And just for you Walid...

Trusted T-Shirt

Monday, December 4 2006

Firefox 2 Launch Party (London)

The Firefox 2 launch party organized by Ian Hayward (Glaxstar) took place on Friday and it was The party you should not miss.... It was a very well organised event (well done guys) as I like them: lots of people to meet there, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and firefox fans.
I had a great chat with Tristan Nitot (President of Mozilla Europe) and we've had a nostalgic talk about the web back in 1994-1995 (1st Netscape, FTP, etc...). Great guests: I was lucky enough to see the US blog guru: Robert Scoble 'himself' who was spending a few days in England to discover startups on the other side of the Atlantic.
I also met the founders of Trustedplaces who were wearing very nice tshirts! I want mine as well... Go to their website if you want to discover great places to go out. (I've heard that they going to expand their network abroad but shhh...)
Finally, Rob Kerry from PartyGaming gave me some great advices on SEO and online marketing. It seems that Rob is a true guru in the SEO world, thanks Rob for your help: highly appreciated!

The video of Ian and Tristan speech:

Tuesday, November 28 2006

The Recruiters Network (London)

Last week I attended a great event for recruiters organised by Louise Triance and Broadbean. The venue was really good and the speakers were very interesting too.
I've recorded 2 speakers. My sincere apology to Ann Swain, but I did not have enough space on my camera phone to tape all the speakers.

First is Jason Goldberg from Jobster, the US leader in the job referral market!

Dan McGuire from Broadbean, interesting speech around the strengh of each job board with Broadbean tool

Great event, great people, great organization... Well done Louise and Thank you for your invitation. Can't wait till the next one!

Friday, November 3 2006

Recruiter Magazine Online

JobNeters is today on the front page of the online Recruiter Magazine, you could find the article here.

Recruiter Magazine

Wednesday, November 1 2006

Head of Marketing

Crowdstorm, one of our recruiter is recruiting now in London. So if you are a marketer, and want to be part of a great team (I know Philip & Chris, and they are very nice guys), just click here.

If you want more details, here is an extract of the job description:

Company Crowdstorm is a social shopping network that helps you find what to buy by measuring the buzz around products. You can also see recommendations from friends and people you trust to help in your buying decisions. The two founders are Philip Wilkinson (founder of Kelkoo UK) and Christopher Scollo (ex CTO Ciao), both with over 8 years each in the online shopping business.

Job Description So, what’s the role? We’re looking for an enthusiastic, passionate individual to take the lead in our marketing efforts and rapidly build a strong Crowdstorm userbase. The company will live and breathe on being able to acquire the right type of users in sufficient numbers to make the site work and create the buzz / word of mouth effect required by a social network of this nature. You will work closely alongside the founders in formulating and implementing creative, adventurous, and successful marketing strategies to work in establishing Crowdstorm as the no.1 player in the social shopping space throughout the UK and the US. What type of person should apply? Well, let’s be honest up front. We don’t have a vast marketing budget to spend right now and look for unique ways to drive free or cheap traffic and brand awareness, so you need to be able to make a difference at this level and scale up as the business grows. You’re passionate about online shopping, social networking, and web2.0 principles – you live and breathe this space read the latest news about it every day. You understand the new Social Marketing space – blogs, RSS, social bookmarking, link baiting, social news sites. You’re a natural marketer – with a constant stream of innovative marketing ideas that you want to try out. Have an understanding of how SEO and PPC works – at the very minimum you can draw on this knowledge to help influence any marketing decisions you make Can understand and utilise a range of traffic measurement figures – draw influences, adapt, and make changes and decisions to try different approaches. Adventurous and willing to take risks – we constantly strive to try new things, see how they work, then refine and try again. It’s one of the main advantages a start-up has over any encumbent. You want to make a difference – why else would you join a start-up? You relish the opportunity to make something really big and influential and make history. Not only that, but you ultimately want to be highly successful and make some cash out of the whole thing. You’re prepared to work on both UK and US focussed campaigns, – occasionally travelling to the US to oversee that side of our operations Fun to work with – We have a lot to do and we’ll be spending a lot of time together. If we can’t all get on and have some great fun along the way, then it won’t work. Ideally been in a start-up before – and understand what to expect. It’s not essential but it will be easier for you to adapt and be set free! What don’t we want? Well, if any of the following apply then please don’t even consider getting in touch – honestly. Someone used to a boring 9 to 5 job where you are measured on the hours you work rather than the results you achieve You don’t really want any challenges and would rather plod along with job security You’re not willing to do what it takes to make Crowdstorm succeed. This may be work beyond your defined responsibilities, maybe some extra hours each week and the odd day during a weekend, or something completely new. Someone who is not used to a lot of autonomy and freedom to achieve their goals. So, where will I be based and is there any travelling? We’re currently located in London, England (right near Waterloo ), and this is where you will need to be based, and be fluent in English. We are setting up a US office too (possibly San Francisco) and there will be some travelling every few months over there and future potential to relocate if you’re interested. What you’ll get As a start-up in the early phases, we want to give equity to each individual. The amount is determined by how much salary you are willing to forgo in exchange. See it as a set of scales where less of one equals more of the other. We’ll discuss this in more detail when we meet but rest assured that as the company succeeeds, the rewards greatly increase in proportion! You’ll have real responsibility, time to have fun in a relaxed work atmosphere, see the company grow and know that you were one of the early recruits, and get a real kick out of working with some very clever people! Not only that, but you’ll want to jump out of bed and come to work each day! Can you give me an example of a typical day or week? Well, kind of, as every day will be pretty varied, including brainstorming ideas with the founders, influencing product development, working on ways to attract contributors to the site who will make comments and recommend products, acquire browsers, monitor revenue streams and site conversion, develop new marketing strategies, implement experiments to drive traffic through online and offline techniques, work with US and UK PR agencies, attending exhibitions and conferences to discuss the Crowdstorm vision. So, what now? Get in touch. Send me the following: A one page overview of why you want to join Crowdstorm, what you bring to the table, and when you would be ready to start. Your CV The top 10 sites you visit on the Internet on a regular basis and why Without all of the above, your application will be filed in the the special “recycling folder” – no hard feelings, but we don’t have a lot of time :-) After that, we’ll let you know straight away if we’re interested and then we’ll either arrange a phone call or get you over for a coffee and an initial chat.


Recruiters on Board

I would like to thank all the new recruiters who believe in JobNeters. I'm sure you won't regret it, and we will do our best with our referrers to find the talents you need.

Win a Computer on JobNeters

If you refer at least 5 friends about JobNeters you could win a brand new Dell computer. Try it now, and I wish you all the best and a very good luck...

Wednesday, October 11 2006

JobNeters' first article

Haydn from Mediangler (his blog, he is also journalist for the Irish Times) has written the first article about JobNeters' launch 2 days ago. Thanks Haydn for this article. Here is an extract of this article: "Whereas the conventional recruiting world works when a recruiter goes out to seek an employee, Jobneters process begins when users and members recommend people for jobs." You can find the article here.

Press Release received

I've just received the Press Release, it means that journalists too. I hope they will like it.

Press Release

Friday, October 6 2006

Press Release of JobNeters' launching

Here is the first press release to announce its launching in the United Kingdom. JobNeters launches a new collaborative network to boost the recruitment process. A good deal and a good deed at the same time!

Word version

PDF version

Friday, September 29 2006


We have sent the Teasing to journalists all across the UK this morning. More information about the teasing will be sent next week on Friday as well.

We hope to receive good feedback from it.

Teasing JobNeters

Tuesday, September 26 2006

Internet People entrepreneurs event

Yesterday I was at Robert Loch's event about Raising funding nowadays in London with VCs. It was a very interesting event.

I saw some people I met before like Philip Wilkinson (Crowdstorm) who was on the homepage of Digg yesterday! Congrats Philip, it's a very good launch for Crowdstorm (I saw in Alexa that it had a very good impact on the audience).

Afterwards, I met Sokratis Papafloratos from Trustedplaces who launched recently. They had very good coverage. And their service is very useful, you could advise about good places to go in your town, or see some reviews to check where to go for your next restaurant evening...

I had a long talk with Paul Fisher from First Capital who advises entrepreneurs for their fund raising. It was interesting to see that people like Paul could help entrepreneurs like me to raise money, and to have a better understanding of the VC world.

Now I'm waiting for the next event Robert.

mashup* - Digital Lifestyle Aggregators (DLAs)

I was last week at the mashup* event organised by etribes team in BT Broadband tower. It was a great event very well organised by the etribes team, thanks again for their invitation.

I met a few interesting people, first was Nadim Saad from Intamac who is launching soon with BT the product called BT Home Monitor. It's a very interesting product, and I think you will hear about it because BT will be advertising this great new product. It will be a good way for homeowners to monitor their house security especially when they are away. We had an interesting chat about posting job ads in big UK job boards and the number of people answering those job ads... About 9 out of 10 were totally inappropriate for the job.

I had a quick chat with Rhys Jones from Accountis who is working in new projects (web2os) which will be launched soon, in social web 2.0 part.

After we had a very interesting panel which was great with a good discussion about DLAs, monetizing, web 2.0 use by the majority, etc... I met Tariq Krim and Freddy Mini from Netvibes after the session, and their view of the new web is totally brilliant. It was a very interesting chat, and they have a very good view of how to monetize their audience... I was doubtful before I met them, but now I'm convinced. If you don't know Netvibes, just try it, it's been my homepage since October 2005, and it is a great tool to aggregate RSS feeds, emails, to-do lists, bookmarks, alexa rankings, Meebo, etc...

You will soon have a JobNeters' netvibes module so you will be able to use the main functionnalities of JobNeters inside your Netvibes homepage.

Monday, September 18 2006

JobNeters Ltd is now created

It's official, JobNeters Ltd is registered by Companies House.


Wednesday, September 13 2006

Blogger/Web2.0 Mixer Redux (No.2)

Yesterday evening I was invited to this brilliant event organized by Roger Kondrat. I met a lot of bloggers and web industries professionals there. I had a great time. The evening was well organized and the atmosphere was very cool.

There I met the founders of Crowdstorm (Christopher and Philip), who have recently launched a very interesting platform of social shopping.

I have also been introduced to Andy White who runs a brilliant podcast treating of Internet Marketing. Please, go ahead and have a look, his podcast contains several interviews of specialists in Internet Marketing, such as a podcast on the Email Marketing.

I have also met Kulveer Taggar of which is an online students marketplace which seems to be a good business, moreover they are looking for a developer PHP: I will offer him the use of JobNeters... of course!

I have also discussed design and usability with Caroline Mockett, a freelance in the design of Web applications.

Thank you again Roger, and I’m waiting for your next event…

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Saturday, September 9 2006

Small History of JobNeters

The idea behind the creation of JobNeters came to me just a year ago when I discovered the launching of H3 in the United States. And the idea became even more concrete when I realized that in the United Kingdom every application has to mention at least one professional referrer. Therefore how about including this referral system directly into the recruitment process?

I have developed the website since November 2005, with a first version online for tests in January 2006. Since January, a lot of things have changed. And now the current version evolves with the first users' comments. Since April 2006, the team of JobNeters has also been growing with the presence of Chris Chadwick as Chairman, Daniele Finance specialized in marketing, and Sylvia Albaladejo for customer services.

We are now ready to launch the company. You will hear about us very soon...

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