The Firefox 2 launch party organized by Ian Hayward (Glaxstar) took place on Friday and it was The party you should not miss.... It was a very well organised event (well done guys) as I like them: lots of people to meet there, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and firefox fans.
I had a great chat with Tristan Nitot (President of Mozilla Europe) and we've had a nostalgic talk about the web back in 1994-1995 (1st Netscape, FTP, etc...). Great guests: I was lucky enough to see the US blog guru: Robert Scoble 'himself' who was spending a few days in England to discover startups on the other side of the Atlantic.
I also met the founders of Trustedplaces who were wearing very nice tshirts! I want mine as well... Go to their website if you want to discover great places to go out. (I've heard that they going to expand their network abroad but shhh...)
Finally, Rob Kerry from PartyGaming gave me some great advices on SEO and online marketing. It seems that Rob is a true guru in the SEO world, thanks Rob for your help: highly appreciated!

The video of Ian and Tristan speech: